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                                                                   Cyber exercises portal

Nowadays, Information and cyber security has become very essential for the stable functionality and development of e-infrastructure of the countries’. Taking this into consideration, in cooperation with the CERT-GOV-GE – Governmental Computer Emergency  Response Team  of the Data Exchange Agency under the Ministry of Justice of Georgia and Georgian Research and Educational Networking Association GRENA have developed cyber exercises portal

Portal is mainly intended for Georgian Information Technology (IT) students in order to deepen their practical skills in detecting and reacting to cyber incidents. The portal will also be useful for IT professionals working in public and private sectors and will help them to respond quickly and efficiently to cyber incidents in the organization's computer infrastructure.

Exercises placed on the portal refer to the following issues:    
    • Cryptography;
    • Analysis of the malicious code of the actual incidents;
    • Analysis of log files of cyber incidents of real servers;
    • Reverse engineering;
    • Analysis of network traffic;
    • Cyber Analytics.

Works for creating portal are supported by the European Commission's EaPConnect project.